Past Exhibits

Art in the Galleria Brochure

Each quarter, a new brochure is produced to supplement our showcase and found at customer service or in front of each display.
January - March 2017 brochure.
April - June 2017 brochure.
July - September 2017 brochure.
October - December 2017 brochure.
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April - June 2017


Marilynn Brandenburger

I have been drawing and painting since childhood and have worked professionally as a studio artist and art instructor for more than 35 years. I share my love of painting by teaching adult students in workshops around the country.

Lyse Dzija

The Lily Pads were inspired by a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Denver. The colors were pushed to increase the drama and meaning infix my style.

Sandy Graves

The wide open West, with all its iconic images, remains an enduring theme in our country. My work takes that theme and moves it into a spirited and contemporary realm. I try to capture the beauty and emotional aspects in some of my sculptures.

Vicky Russell

Abstract painting allows me the freedom to play with the elements of composition such as color, line, texture, value.

Cassandra Sharon

I am a 5th generation Colorado native, living and breathing horses for as long as I can remember. Throughout my life I have drawn, painted and sculpted horses, experimenting with color and all mediums.

Elaine Verdill

I capture the seasons of Colorado in paintings and natural light photography.

July - September 2017


Diane Devries

My current collages make use of techniques I learned as a graphic designer in "pre-computer" days when we had to construct our design comps by hand.

Amelia Furman

She works in multiple layers that speak to the various ideas, responses, and even subconscious reactions that a place, person, or object can activate within a person.

Laura Phelps Rogers

Utilizing familiarities, social and cultural constructs through humor, color and narratives, Laura combines the past and present into contemporary visual dialogues.

Vicky Russell

Abstract painting allows her the freedom to play with the elements of composition such as color, line, texture, value.

Cassandra Sharon

Decades of experience with horses have deepened my understanding of their personality and Spirit, which I strive to express in each piece I create.

Kathryn Vinson

For Kathryn Vinson, sculpting in stone is a process of unlocking the light within – and then using it to illuminate the natural forms of plants, insects, fish and other life.