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Art in the Galleria Brochure

Each quarter, a new brochure is produced to supplement our showcase and found at customer service or in front of each display.

July - September 2018 brochure.

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April - June 2018


Susan Bell

Early in my art career, I fell in love with painting en plein air. Three years ago when I opened a box of my childhood horse toys I saw how I had painted them so long ago and had an idea for remaking them into art sculpture. Taking inspiration from Hoichol art and using my Grandmother’s button collection, I have transformed my old toys into artistic versions of the horses that I know. I have made these paintings specifically to be the backdrop for the button horses and I like to imagine that the horses have just walked out of the landscape.

Lyze Dzija

My work is an examination of landscape of all kinds. To capture Nature’s elusiveness, those brief but exquisite moments, is why I paint. Having attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and studied the figure, I bring this knowledge to nature, and anthropomorphize nature’s elements, such as scraggly trees huddling together in a storm. They are dictated by Nature’s whims. I just paint these whims and bring them to you.

Scott Hays

All of (my) work has been shot in medium format film and then hand printed on handmade paper, in Palladium Printing. My main intent is to show the extreme landscapes that we have here in Northern Colorado, using a modern style camera (although film) with a 19th Century technique.

Emily Nell-Yellowbird

I grew up in the mountains. Not the extravagant peaks of the west, but the humble rolling hills of Appalachia. I experienced much wonder in those mysterious mountains, exploring and contemplating life. I've always given more thought to viewing the mountains in multiple perspectives; standing at the top overlooking it all, tucked away, thick beneath the forest and from afar.  The pieces in this series capture the mountains in all their majesty during a most tranquil part of day- when the moon is rising.