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Applications for Art in the Galleria 2019 is being accepted from August 1 through October 31, 2018
To apply for the 2019 shows, pleas visit:
This site is managed by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). Artists will be required to create a username and password and set up a personal account, free of charge.
Your account information, including your resume, letter of interest, and images will be archived and saved for your convenience and easy access when applying to future calls using CAFÉ. Following successful set up, all interested applicants will be granted full access to our detailed application; simply click on Apply to Calls and select Loveland Public Library Galleria (2019).

If you have any questions, please email the Library


Applicants must be an independent artist or artist team residing in Colorado.
Each piece of art submitted must fit within the confines of a Galleria display case ( 69” H x 21” W x 19” D).

Submission Requirements

Concept statement.
Current Resume, which outlines your experience as an artist. (Artist teams must submit a resume for each member.)
Detailed information on each piece including: title of artwork, height, width & depth dimensions, medium, date produced, price or value, whether piece is for sale, location, number of reproductions (if applicable), restrictions on reproduction, and other information the artist deems pertinent.
[Note: 20% of any sale goes to the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Foundation as commission]
Artists may submit images of up to six (6) artworks.
Submissions may include a maximum of three images per piece.
All images must be formatted to the following specifications in order to upload them successfully into the system.
1. Dimensions: 1920 pixels on the longest side.
2. File Format: Save all images as BASELINE Standard JPEG. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.
3. File Size: JPEGs must be under 1.8 MB, saved at 72ppi.
4. Color space: Save images in an RGB color space, preferably sRGB.

Selection Process

In late fall each year, an artist selection committee (ASC) reviews all applications submitted and invites a select group of artists to participate in quarterly exhibits during the year to come.
Show dates are:
January 1 - March 31
April 1 - June 30
July 1 - September 30
October 1 - December 31

Review Criteria

When evaluating a work of art, the ASC generally considers:
Compatibility of the artwork with the display case environment;
Appropriateness of the design to the function of the Library;
Appropriateness of the materials and design (texture, color, line, shape and value) to the expression of the artist's concept;
Representation of a broad variety of tastes within the community;
The context of works already scheduled or previously displayed to ensure a variety of style, design and media in the display cases over time; and
Other factors deemed by the ASC to be relevant.

Program Responsibilites

1. Selected artists will be solely responsible for the transportation of their work to and from the gallery, and any related costs. Artwork must be ready to install.
2. The Art Selection Committee of the Loveland Public Library will be responsible for exhibit design, installation and lighting of the artwork. Written Artist statements may be edited for length and content.
3. Please note that a $100 prize for Best of Show for the Year will be awarded each November based on jury evaluation of all of the pieces selected and displayed during the year.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION For questions or concerns please contact Sue Baccari at 970-962-2425 (email or if she is not available, Therese Torpy at 970-962-2407, (email