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Art in the Galleria Brochure

Each quarter, a new brochure is produced to supplement our showcase and found at customer service or in front of each display.

April - June 2018 brochure.

To purchase a work of art or for more information, please email Friends of the Library.

April - June 2018


Barbara Baer

I am both an object maker and an installation artist, intrigued with spatial design and the interaction of materials with light. My plastic and metal constructions incorporate rich, translucent color that glows in sunlight like stained glass. The work communicates a playful, graceful feel.

Paul Morris

My ceramic work features a seductive surface of many fire-transformed layers of slip and glaze, the rich aesthetic density enlivening the juxtaposed voluminous shapes. My intention is to make innovative, potent, sculptural objects designed to evoke a palpable resonance with the viewer's own human body while simultaneously being unique expressions of exuberance and wonder.

Kayo Peeler

My paintings come from a deep appreciation for my daily life. I paint moments of discovery, the things and scenes I see every day that cause me to pause and ponder. Like a magician, I am hoping to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary to the delight of my audience, by engaging the viewer in a new reality that elevates everyday subject matter into moments of transcendence.

Reven Swanson

Although Colorado native Reven Swanson graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in journalism, her passion was for sculpting. She worked in advertising and newspaper production for a while, then as an artist's apprentice in Italy. Swanson's style is markedly contemporary in what she describes as whimsical, playful and celebratory.