Symphony! Music Presentation & Lecture Series

Monday, December 10, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

September 10
Mendelssohn Symphony 3 “Scottish”
A wistful introduction evokes the wind-swept highlands, somber and serious, culminating with roiling gathering storm clouds. The mood is lightened by the bouncing “reel” of the second movement.

October 8
Brahms Symphony 3
Starting from its uplifting three opening chords, it spins you along with its intense, never-ending movement. As always, Brahms stirs the deepest level of our emotions.

November 26
Schubert symphony 4 “Tragic”
The slow introduction portrays the work’s nickname, then the fast section is pushed ahead by an accented off-beat melody, with tearing glissandos. It lives up to Schubert’s reputation as a wonderful writer of melodies.

December 10
Vaughan-Williams “Sea Symphony”
This work evokes the many seasons and moods of the sea. The opening fanfare is followed by a full chorus singing “behold the sea…” continuing with scales billowing like waves undergirding vocal solos.

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Erion Room
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